Windows Phone Apps Development

We offer the following Windows Phone Apps development services:

  • Graphical layer of the app preparation.
  • Preparation of mockups (App Wireframes).
  • Programming the app. We can do native apps, web apps, or hybrid Apps.
  • App integration with external systems.
  • If you need it, we can create a web backend for the app that allows you to manage the App content, databases and statistics.
  • Hosting for the backend of the app
  • Publication of the app on Windows Phone Store with our developer account or your own account.
  • If you need it, we can help you get a Windows Phone Developer account.
  • Training for proper administration of the App.
  • Development of a landing page to promote your app.
  • Preparation of QR codes with a link to download the app.

Apps that we develop can include modern features such as geolocation, integration with databases, synchronization with external content, webservices using, push notifications, in-app purchase, accelerometer and camera integration, social networks integration.

No matter in what country you are… we can help you with your project. Our headquarter is in Bogota, Colombia, but we can help you remotely.

Some of the Windows Phone apps we have developed can be viewed directly on Microsoft Store in the following link:

No matter if your company is large or small or whether is a new business idea. In any case, we can help you. Contact us if you require a quote.