Mobile App Development for Companies

The use of mobile applications for business process management, is a factor that can significantly increase the productivity and the efficiency, while contributing to the COMPETITIVENESS and lowing costs.

Therefore, we have specialized in developing apps that can be integrated into enterprise systems and operate online and offline way, in smartphones and tablets.

These apps don’t necessarily need a publish process in app stores, but can be installed directly on devices that companies give to their employees.

Some of the processes that an enterprise mobile app can help to manage are:

Salesforce Automation

These apps help a company to improve processes related to the functions of their sellers: planning of activities and tours, orders, tracking, integration with CRMs, ERPs and sales systems.

Field data capture

An app that captures data, can allow an official record data in previously constructed forms, without having internet and send them to a database of the company through various mechanisms (Webservices, APIs, JSON, etc.) . Apart from text data, forms can capture the location at the time to fill out the survey using the GPS of the mobile device, and take pictures and videos.

These apps can be used by company officials, or directly by the customer in devices that are located at attention points, such as to expedite assessments, surveys or complaints.

Employees Education

These days in the business world, the number of smart phones that companies provide to ther employees is higher than ever, we think smartphones can be an excellent way of training, especially when the employees are outside the office, for which you can have apps that provide education to them with various strategies: video tutorials, consultation documents, activities, quizzes, games, forums, chats with experts and more.